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Die Rheinpfalz,
7 February 2009
  “A passionate love story is always present amongst the true events. Finally, it is Douglas' goal to entertain her readers while sparking their interest in history.”
3 April 2008
  “With her well-researched historical novel Die Blutlüge, Tania Douglas was not only able to use the era described as a stage, but she also portrayed the peculiarities of this time period and gave a deeper look into the characters in an interesting way. The reader can sense with every page that the author is familiar with the places described, a sign of extensive research.”

Bild am Sonntag,
30 March 2008

  “The second historical novel from this author is a pleasure too” (Alex Dengler)

Literaturzirkel Belletristik,
Newsletter March 2008

  “The elegant language she uses, the captivating characters she creates and the dramatic plot twists are the reasons why you just can't put down her books. And you won't regret a single moment spent reading her books. Die Blutlüge is a great pleasure to read!” (Maran Alsdorf)
Journal für die Frau,
October 2003
  “Tania Douglas' debut novel is a real page turner: a captivating journey into France's history, a fine portrait of the powerful Cardinal Richelieu and last but not least, a moving drama of great romance.” (Sabine Weiß)
Bild am Sonntag,
5 October 2003
  “A novel in which the reader develops a strong relationship to the characters as the story is very dependent on them, and less on the events. Told carefully, unravels suspensefully. A work full of love and passion.” (Alex Dengler)

September 2003

  “Pure adventure with everything that belongs with it, love, conspiracy, big characters. It's 'conventional history' in its best form, and film material at that.”
25 August 2003
  Tanz der Wasserläufer is a turbulent tale of adventure and romance; there is one tragic complication after another. It is suspenseful as a whole, if not always completely logical. A pure romance novel at its best, which fans of historical novels will surely get their money’s worth for.” (sä)
Eichborn   “The new voice of inspiration in the historical novel genre.”
  “Tania Douglas brings an era full of intrigue and adventure to life in an immensely suspenseful and touching way. She recounts the glamourous parties held at Louis XIII’s palace as well as the misery in the besieged La Rochelle.  Her moving portrait of the lonely Cardinal Richelieu makes this novel a masterwork of historical storytelling.”